loss control services

An effective loss control program is one of the strongest steps a business can take to reduce its total cost of risk. For example, do you know what areas of risk are common in your industry or within the services you provide? Do you know if you are currently protected against those risks?

The Lighthouse Group specializes in helping businesses identify and impliment the most effective methods to reduce your exposure to risk and economic impact. Risk management is all about strategy. Each detail is important, and we have the experience to help you focus on your business while we manage your risk.

Some risk exposures will vary greatly based on what you do. Others are universal. And business leaders will have different levels of risk tolerance. There is no one-size-fits-all. Lighthouse Group risk management experts will work closely with you to learn how your business operates. Then, we take the details of those findings and help you effectively:

  1. Identify your exposure to risk.
  2. Analyze the frequency and severity of these risks.
  3. Control risk by avoidance, retention, reduction, non-insurance transfer, or the transfer of risk to an insurance company.
  4. Finance the cost of your risk management program.
  5. Implement and monitor your risk management program.

Don’t learn you had an unprotected risk the hard way. Contact the Lighthouse Group and let us help you understand the risks that your business could face.

did you know?

We also offer insurance solutions for your personal, life, and benefits needs.