As your trusted advisor, the Lighthouse Group takes a different approach than the typical insurance agent. Most agencies use a product-led, reactive approach to service and insurance procurement.

In the past, your organization has likely initiated the insurance transaction by providing information and the agent would react with a product-driven solution. Lighthouse Group takes a more proactive approach to managing your risks.

We believe what’s more important is to help you discover where your risk exposures truly exist. Then, we ask questions that help find your risk tolerance and further refine your company’s risk profile. Our proven process provides consistent effective results, with the right program, at the right levels.

As your trusted advisor, we work together throughout the year through our stewardship reports. This helps us to uncover new risk issues, adjust where needed and implement programs to avoid exposures.

Through our ongoing relationship, the Lighthouse Group can secure the most cost effective solutions while reducing your total cost.

Contact us today. We would be pleased to help you assess where your business could benefit. The Lighthouse Group’s unique approach takes the time to find out what’s right for you—and your bottom line.

did you know?

We also offer insurance solutions for your personal, life, and benefits needs.