strategic health management

Lighthouse Group can help you navigate the world of wellness. Worksite wellness programs are increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Health care costs are on the rise and so are chronic conditions among the working population. A worksite wellness program can not only teach employees about healthy behaviors, but also help shift the culture of the organization to one that embraces and encourages healthy lifestyles, which will have a direct impact on your organization as a whole. Lighthouse is here to help navigate the world of wellness by assisting in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of your own customized wellness program that will be designed specifically for the employees at your organization.

Lighthouse’s Wellness Solutions:

  • Development of an annual strategic wellness plan along with long term investment in wellness planning that achieve the program goals
  • Analysis of the results of the programming along with benchmarking against other wellness programs
  • Incentive design solutions to maximize participation and outcomes
  • Seamless integration with existing health and wellness vendors or assist in finding the perfect provider
  • Use health and Rx data to uncover problem areas
  • Deliver strategies and solutions to improve the health and culture of the workplace
  • Branding & program marketing coordination between you and your vendors

Optional Programming:

  • biometric screening
  • weight loss programs
  • gym memberships discounts or exercise facilities
  • worksite health challenges
  • activity tracker syncing with programs
  • personal health coaching
  • classes in nutrition or healthy living
  • web-based platforms for resources and connectivity
  • flu shots or vaccinations
  • wellness newsletters
  • onsite wellness specialists

did you know?

We also offer insurance solutions for your personal, life, and business needs.