compliance services

Keeping up with ever-changing compliance regulations is demanding and complex. Lighthouse Group has built its reputation as a trusted advisor in many areas of risk and protection. Compliance expertise is among the services we are pleased to offer your organization, whether a small business or a large corporation.

Lighthouse Group experts can partner with you to manage compliance needs. We will assess your compliance status and ensure that every detail is aligned with state and federal mandates.

It is critical that your plans, policies and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. One misstep can result in costly consequences. For our compliance experts, understanding and knowing how to apply current rules is all in a day’s work. We act as an extension of your human resources department, partnering with you to develop a long-term strategy.

Our compliance services are comprehensive, including common areas such as:

  • Annual compliance checklists
  • ACA Compliance
  • DOL Audits
  • SPD/Plan Documents
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • 5500 Filing
  • 6055/6056 Filing

In addition to our compliance services we have an on-site human resources consultant to help you in areas such as:

  • Legislative and employee compliance
  • Policy development
  • Employee relations
  • Employee handbook development
  • FMLA administration COBRA, HIPAA, ADA, EEOC compliance
  • Hiring, corrective action, performance management
  • Salary survey data
  • Coaching and supervisor training
  • Human resources workshopping

did you know?

We also offer insurance solutions for your personal, life, and business needs.