Lighthouse Group provides a variety of medical and ancillary plans for individuals, and the choice is yours.

Whether you’re out of work, a new employee not yet eligible for workplace coverage, a professional entering retirement or a head-of-household wanting to insure the family, Lighthouse Group can help manage your costs and get the protection you need.

Health Insurance Tip!
Missed Open Enrollment? You may be Eligible for a Special Enrollment

Been thrown for a loop? Navigating life’s changes, both good and bad, can be complicated. The good news is that certain changes in your life may trigger a special enrollment period when you can make changes to your health insurance coverage outside of the open enrollment period.

Your Window of Opportunity If you’ve experienced a qualifying event, such as a job loss, moving to a new state or turning 26, you have a short window of opportunity (60 days), known as a special enrollment period, to make changes to your health insurance. If you miss the opportunity, you may have to wait up to 10 months for the next open enrollment period.

A change of Address Moving out-of-state or out of your existing coverage area creates an opportunity for you to re-assess and choose a new health insurance plan.

Turning 26 You’re turning 26 and rolling off your parents’ health insurance plan. Now’s your chance to get a plan that meets your own needs and budget.

Getting Married Getting Married opens up a special enrollment period when you have an opportunity as a couple to update or select a new health insurance.

Adding a Child to the Family Adding a child to your family can mean big changes. To include your new bundle of joy, your health insurance coverage needs to change, too.

Divorce Divorce is a life-changing event that can mean getting health insurance for your new family structure, health care needs and budget.

Retiring Spouse Spouse retiring, but not you? Choosing your own individual short- or long-term health plan can get you through this pre-Medicare coverage gap.

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